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Mr. Barnett's works in fine art are not sold as securities or investments.
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"The Spirit of Saint Augustine" Leaving and Arriving Kings Road Wharf on the Barry Barnett Line.

20" paper edition unframed $20.00 USD Fl Sales Tax included
23" canvas print edition unframed $275.00 USD.
Call: 386-503-5921

Well here is another one for you.

It is the first week of Spring along Buck's Trail.
A time for birds, snakes and gators.

Night before last the whippoorwills started in followed
by every mockingbird on this side of Buck's Trail.

Yesterday the quail brought their calls to play deep into the Big Piney.
Last night it was all topped off by a host of owls braking the night fog
with that eternal question, "Who?"

Word is that Miss. Tippy found Coywolf sign inside the east gate.
Ms. E, shared her account of a 500 pound black bear that settles her fears
by taking up watch about her house come five in the mornings.

Kinda like the bear that sleeps below Ma's window.

Someone may cross over our fence, sure enough.

But like My Old Coon says, "Its the gettin' out part that is a might questionable."

Easter colors are everywhere. The swamp is alive. The bears, they have a fat belly
All seem to rest in a time of birds.


That looks like some fellow's breeches snagged up on the inside of the east fence.

Barbed wire will not stop a bear but it can give one time to stay clear of sharp claws.

And here I thought that was a screech owl making all that commotion last night.

No wonder why that bear looks satisfied this morning


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17 April 2015

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Copyright © Barry Barnett/Artist International 1996 through 2015 All Rights Reserved